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Q. How has Network Marketing Changed Your Life?

Traci KennebeckHow hasn’t it?!? To be able to do what I love on my own terms and schedule is wonderful enough, but when it provides generously for me to spend time with and travel with my family, it’s amazing!

~Traci Kennebeck – Blue Diamond

Q. What is so great about being an Entrepreneur?

Terri HammondI think the greatest thing I have enjoyed about being an Entrepreneur is that you learn to step out of your comfort zone and learn things about yourself you never knew. You also get to show others that they too can achieve their goals and dreams.

~Terri Hammond – Elite

Q. How has Network Marketing changed your life?

Jennifer CancinoWhen I graduated from college, I had no idea what network marketing was. If you had asked me I would have guessed some sort of telethon fundraiser shinanigan. Then after college, when I finally thought I understood what network marketing was, I allowed my boss to convince me network marketing didn’t work, and only 10% of people are ever successful at it. Now let’s fast forward through years of being a workaholic, building someone else’s dream (that same boss), I knew there was more I could do to help myself and my family. I began my journey as a network marketing professional. My boss at the time threatened me that I wouldn’t be successful, putting me in that 90% of failures I guess… I figured he was wrong, but I knew he was wrong about me. Today, I’m making FIVE TIMES the amount I made working full time as a clinic director, and I’m doing it on my terms, in my home, around my schedule, with people I WANT to work with. And the best part is that those who join our team are doing the same, becoming successful, totally blowing that 10% thing out of the water!!

~Jennifer Cancino – Gold

Q. How have you incorporated essential oils into your life?

Iris DoolitleEssential oils have become my lifeline to moving and feeling better. I had a Cerebral Vascular Attack (stroke) over 30 years ago at age 28. I take over 20 different oils every morning, along with the LLV and various softgels throughout the day. I carry a small number of “essentials” in my purse so I am always prepared! And my gait is a little lopsided, but I feel amazing!Iris Doolitle

~Iris Doolitle Elite

Q. What is so great about being an Entrepreneur?

The reasons why being an entrepreneur is great are endless. Not only do I get to make my own decisions with how my business is ran, I also get to choose all the amazing people I get to work with and live life with. When you are with a great company like doTERRA the income potential is limitless. Most importantly I’m so grateful for the freedom that doTERRA has given me. If I want to go away for the weekend – I go. If I want to be at my child’s play at school – I go. Once you have committed to being an entrepreneur and reap the benefits there is no way you could go back to “work”.

~Laura Portwood – Platinum

Q. How have you incorporated essential oils into your business?

Alison DiBarto GogginEssential oils were essential to my chiropractic practice because my patients were able to find relief and care for themselves between visits. I was able to provide solutions to meet every need for every patient, and I knew I was providing a safe, effective, and easy option.

~Alison DiBarto Goggin – Gold